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Isbn 10: 0593545648

Isbn 13: 978-0593545645

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Lieutenant Eve Dallas never wavers in her search for justice. But in this gripping novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling In Death series, she'll learn that matters of the heart are never black and white.The first victim was found lying on a sidewalk in the rain. The second was murdered in her own apartment building. Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas had no problem finding connections between the two crimes. Both victims were beautiful and highly successful women. Their glamorous lives and loves were the talk of the city. And their intimate relations with men of great power and wealth provided Eve with a long list of suspects--including her own lover, Roarke. As a woman, Eve was compelled to trust the man who shared her bed. But as a cop, it was her job to follow every investigate every scandalous explore every secret passion, no matter how dark. Or how dangerous.

مؤلف :J D Robb
Isbn 10 :0593545648
Isbn 13 :978-0593545645
دار نشر :Berkley Books
لسان :الإنجليزية
الأبعاد والأبعاد :13.82 x 2.06 x 20.75 cm
منشور من طرف Glory in Death:29 مارس 2022