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Isbn 10: 1509246053

Isbn 13: 978-1509246052

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In 1944, a German artillery shell destroyed Milt Greenlee's future in professional baseball. His hideously scarred face and useless arm require him to relearn and recondition. But no amount of rehab will restore his looks or his self-confidence. There's no chance a "cripple" like him could catch the eye of the stunning Nurse McEwen. Army Nurse, Annie McEwen dreams her voice will take her far away from her hateful, overbearing father. She hopes Milt, a patient who fought in Sicily, might be the one who can help her find closure with the death of her cousin. As their attraction grows, how can their relationship survive Annie's fears and Milt's secret?

مؤلف :Barbara Whitaker
Isbn 10 :1509246053
Isbn 13 :978-1509246052
دار نشر :Wild Rose Press
لسان :الإنجليزية
الأبعاد والأبعاد :12.7 x 2.26 x 20.32 cm
منشور من طرف Scarred Dreams:12 ديسمبر 2022