Wrath of the Titans: Argos #3

Perseus is reunited with his bride to be, Andromeda, only to discover she is being transformed into a horrible Gorgon by Medusa's sister. As Perseus is desperate for a cure, the one man who could find one is being driven mad by visions from the gods conspiring against Zeus.

مؤلف:Chad Jones Marcelo Henrique Santana Darren G Davis
Isbn 10:1956841105
Isbn 13:978-1956841107
عدد الصفحات:26 صفحات
دار نشر:Tidalwave Productions
الأبعاد والأبعاد:16.99 x 0.13 x 24.41 cm
منشور من طرف Wrath of the Titans: Argos #3:26 أبريل 2023